Air Transport Licensing Authority

The Air Transport Licensing Authority (ATLA) is an organization established by statute (The Civil Aviation Act, 1966 and amendments thereto), to hear and determine applications for licences or amendments to licences to operate scheduled air services into or out of Barbados.

The Authority functions as a Regulatory body under the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations, 2007 (and amendments thereto) and is responsible for monitoring the adequacy of scheduled air services and the charges for such services.  It approves fares, rates and any conditions with respect to scheduled air services and facilitates air transport into or out of Barbados.

The Authority is managed by a government appointed Board, headed by a Chairman and not less than 4 other members. Day to day activities are conducted by the Secretariat which is headed by the Secretary.


To provide timely and efficient licensing of the scheduled airlines which provides air links between Barbados and other countries and to ensure safe, reliable and efficient scheduled air transport services to local and international air travellers by comprehensive economic regulation and careful monitoring of the services provided.


To be ever mindful of the dynamics of the aviation industry and be responsive, reliable, time conscious and efficient in meeting the needs of our customers. 


To ensure that the services provided by the Authority satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers while fulfilling local and international regulatory standards.


  • To provide safety by ensuring airlines’ compliance with established technical rules and regulations.
  • To ensure reliability of air services by careful monitoring and vetting of applicants so that the services provided to the travelling public are performed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • To ensure cost efficiency by the careful monitoring of market conditions and prices.
  • To reassure the travelling public that the services provided are safe and reliable by being responsive to customer complaints.

Contact Information

Address: The Secretary,

     Civil Aviation Department Building,


     Christ Church


Telephone: 535-0031

Fax: 535-0030


Application Process for a Licence to Operate Scheduled Services

All airlines wishing to operate scheduled services must go through an application process which allows the authority to assess the applicant’s legal, financial and technical abilities to offer safe, reliable air services into and out of Barbados.

This process requires the applicant completing a copy of the Form A, Application for Licence in accordance with the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations. An application for licence must be accompanied by the licence fee together with administrative charges as set out below.


The Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations, 2007