Chukka Group Continues To Improve Harrison’s Cave Attraction

Chukka Caribbean Adventures has added two new features to Barbados’ premier tourist attraction, Harrison’s Cave Eco Adventure Park – the Green Monkey Pool Bar and Grill, and the Pride of Barbados Nature Trail and Bird Aviary.

Speaking at the ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning, Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Ian Gooding-Edghill, noted that it is always encouraging when new product offerings are introduced to improve and promote the experience of visitors to Barbados as well as to modernise and extend “Destination Barbados”.

The Chukka group was awarded a 25-year lease in 2020, and on July 9, 2021, opened its first Barbados location at the Harrison’s Cave Eco Adventure Park. 

“I think it is fair to say that Chukka ‘the crown jewel of Caribbean adventures’, has lived up to its high-quality submission which offered a strong proposal for investment and development of Barbados’ greatest attraction and natural asset into an enviable eco-adventure park.

“This unique tourism offering, first mentioned in 1795, has now been transformed into a natural eco-adventure tourist attraction that can now stand alongside those within the hemisphere. The company’s strategy over the past two years has ushered Harrison’s Cave into an ever-changing tourism landscape and strengthened its marquee status for future generations,” Mr. Gooding-Edghill stated.

The Tourism Minister commended the operators for continuing to be innovative in adding features to the attraction’s offerings and for utilising the cave’s natural surroundings, thereby capitalising on the niche markets known as adventure tourism and cultural heritage tourism. 

Minister Gooding-Edghill thanked Chukka for its philanthropy efforts in the surrounding St. Thomas community through its foundation and for protecting its heritage status, while being sustainable by decreasing the “footprint” of persons walking through the cave.  He encouraged the operators to continue their good corporate citizenship.

The work on the new features began last August as part of the phase four development of the cave.  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chukka Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville, said: “When we were awarded the RFP, we made a commitment to do what we say, and say what we do, and this is another example of us doing that.”

He disclosed that there would be two more phases of improvements to come which would include the enhancement of the movie theatre by the cave’s interpretation centre. 

Mr. Melville noted that the concept of the Eco-Adventure Park, located in rural Barbados, is to “stay and play”.  “It’s a bit of a drive to get up here, so when you get here, you don’t just want to come, do an activity and then drive all the way back down.  We want you to come up here, do an activity, two or three, and then spend some time relaxing,” he explained.

President, P&O Cruises, Paul Ludlow, commenting on the benefits of the upgrades, stated: “Looking around us, this new development clearly offers a unique experience like no other. The addition of the challenge course, nature walk and pool area, makes this particularly appealing to our P&O cruises guests, particularly those multi-generational groups. It enables families and friends to tailor their visit with the option to zip wire, admire Harrison’s cave of course and its fascinating history, or simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of this unique location.”