Meet the Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Francine Blackman

Permanent Secretary, (Tourism)


Mrs. Francine Blackman replaced Mrs. Donna Cadogan as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport in May 2022 after having served  for  over  9  years  in  the  Ministry  of  Energy  and  Business. Mrs. Donna Cadogan was elevated to the post of Head of the Public Service and Cabinet Secretary in May 2022.

Mrs. Blackman is a highly qualified and skilled Economist who has worked in management in both the Private and Public Sectors specializing in Business Development, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Energy.

Her experience includes advancing legislation to promote investment in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, developing and managing energy related programmes in the offshore and renewable energy sectors; negotiating contracts and developmental financing on behalf of government; introduced programmes aimed at providing assistance to young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses as well as improve the sustainability of micro, small and medium sized businesses.