National Tourism Program


The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, on behalf of the Government of Barbados, is serving as the Executing Agency for the National Tourism Program.  The Program was jointly designed by the Ministry and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  It is being financed with a US $20M loan from the IDB.  The National Tourism Program forms part of the 2014-2018 and 2019-2023 IDB Country Strategy for Barbados, which was designed to address economic and social vulnerabilities affecting Barbados.

General Objective

 The National Tourism Program was designed to reinvigorate Barbados’ tourism industry, with an emphasis on raising tourism receipts.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the National Tourism Program are to increase:

  • tourist expenditures on heritage and cultural products; and
  • the digital visibility of Barbados in the tourism market.

Program Components

 To realise these objectives, the Program has been divided into the following two components:

  • Component 1 – New Tourism Products, will realise the creation of new cultural heritage tourism products as a means of diversifying and improving Barbados’ tourism product; and
  • Component 2 – Strengthening Digital Marketing, will realise an update and improvement to the marketing strategies utilised to market Barbados generally and the new cultural heritage tourism products created specifically under Component 1. This will include a special emphasis on the use of digital marketing, in collaboration with the private sector.

Project Execution Unit

A Project Execution Unit has been created within the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, to ensure the successful implementation of the National Tourism Program.  This Unit is headed by a Project Co-ordinator, who is supported by a team comprising a Procurement Specialist, Product Specialist, Financial Specialist, Project Accountant, Administrative Officer, Civil Engineer Consultant, Digital Marketing Specialists, Quality Assurance Specialist and an Environmental and Social Specialist.

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