Travel Services

The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport has responsibility for the enforcement of the Travel Services Act, CAP 373A and its Regulation 1983. Under this legislation the Permanent Secretary is designated as Registrar of Travel Services and in this capacity regulates the licensing and operation of Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Barbados. Essentially, this legislation requires each Travel Agent/Tour Operator operating in Barbados to register by obtaining a licence before conducting any business as travel agent or tour operator.

The Registrar shall during the month of February 28th of each year, publish in the Official Gazette and in a daily newspaper printed and published in Barbados, a list of legally registered travel agents and tour operators who possess valid licences issued in accordance with the Travel Services Act CAP 373A.

Set out below is the procedure which all applicants must follow before the granting of a Travel Services licence.

The Application form for Travel Agent/ Tour Operator must be completed in its entirety and submitted along with the following:

  • A police Certificate of character for each partner; 
  • Certificate of Registration or Incorporation of the Company; 
  • Security Bond valued at $100,000 - Travel Agency, $10,000 - Travel Operator
  • Cheques for Registration fee should be made out to the Registrar of Travel Services –

    $500 for first registration - Travel Agency

    $100 for first registration - Tour Operator

  • A letter from Bank confirming that an Account is in place on behalf of the company as required by Section 19 of the Travel Services Act, CAP 373A.
  • Certificate of Clearances with respect to VAT and Income Tax from the Barbados Revenue Authority.
  • Certificate of Clearance from the National Insurance Department.

A licence is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue. In order to initiate the process of renewing a Licence, an application form must be completed in its entirety and return by email along with the following:-

  • Receipt for Renewal Fees of $250.00;
  • Proof of renewal of Security Coverage;
  • Certificate of Clearance from the National Insurance Department; and
  • Certificate of Clearances in respect of, VAT and Income Tax from the Barbados Revenue Authority
  • Audited Financial Statements for the previous year.


First-Time Application or Renewal

Use the option below for first-time application or renewal of a Travel Services Licence.

Application or Renewal for Travel Services Licence

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