Tourism Emergency Operations Centre

The TEOC is Barbados Tourism Sector’s central coordinating facility which is  activated, as required, to manage the response to any disaster event which may negatively impact the tourism product of Barbados and involves visitors to the island.

Purpose of the TEOC

The TEOC is engaged to provide centralised coordination, management and control of the tourism sector (on a 24-hour basis, if necessary) in an emergency/disaster response and relief operations.

Members of the TEOC

In accordance with the TEMC’s Terms of Reference, the representatives of the TEOC are as follows:

  • Ministry of Tourism and International Transport;
  • the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.,
  • the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association;
  • Intimate Hotels of Barbados; and
  • Barbados Defence Force Officers attached to the Barbados Cadet Corps.

These members oversee the operationalisation of the Multi-Hazard Plan during the alert, response, and transition to the recovery phase of an event which impacts the tourism sector. Members of other agencies will be co-opted as necessary.

The TEOC collaborates with the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) for effective alert, response, and initial recovery operations.

TEOC Location

The TEOC is located on the 5th Floor, One Barbados Place, Warrens St. Michael.

This location is a self-contained, self-sufficient facility that is structurally resistant and can operate independently for a reasonable amount of time with its own electrical generator.

The alternate location for the TEOC is at the offices of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) located in 4th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael.

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