Barbados Aircraft & Aviation Services Company


The Barbados Aircraft and Aviation Services Company (BAASEC) is a private company incorporated as a commercial State-owned enterprise fully owned by the Government of Barbados on 7th September 2020.

The company was formed to stimulate and pursue the development of the aviation sector in Barbados and to develop and encourage relationships.

The company’s activities are centered on promoting the establishment of and investment in aviation businesses including air transport services, consulting, fixed based operations, ground handling services, maintenance repair organizations, cargo transfer and consolidation services, hangarage and flight and maintenance training organizations. These businesses will be part of the local aviation infrastructure providing a comprehensive suite of services to airlines hubbing and transiting through Barbados. The company aims to foster the development of a vibrant aviation ecosystem.

The Vision

Our vision is to position Barbados as the aviation epicenter of the Caribbean where both regional and international airlines and airline service companies can develop in an ecosystem tailored to foster their co-existence, growth and prosperity and ultimately achieve economic benefit to Barbados.

The Mission

to encourage, foster, participate in, invest in, manage and support airlines and aviation service companies in participating in the Barbados ecosystem. To work with partners and affiliates in Barbados to develop an attractive and inviting ecosystem that competitively and efficiently serves airlines and aviation service companies.