Hotels & Resorts Limited

Hotels & Resorts Limited was incorporated under the laws of Barbados on December 27, 1995, with the vision of being a developmental model for small south coast hotels. Trading under the name Gems of Barbados, the company integrated the management and marketing of the hotels into its portfolio. The Government of Barbados is the Primary Shareholder of the company.

In 2005 the Shareholders of the company decided to divest the assets of the company. At that time there were five hotels in the portfolio, three of which were subsequently sold. The two remaining hotels are The Savannah which the company holds for lease until sold and the Blue Horizon which is operated under the company’s trading name Gems of Barbados.

Given the shareholder’s desire to divest, the vision and mission of the company are as follows:



To successfully divest with our shareholders, people, and tourism at the forefront.



  • To develop a progressive divestment strategy pursuing investors whose foresight align with our shareholders’ vision of Barbados tourism
  • To focus on financial performance creating value for our shareholders and appeal to investors
  • To create an open, transparent, and supportive culture that develops high performing, multi-faceted employees
  • To maintain our hotel plant creating appeal to investors while providing quality affordable accommodation matched with service that optimize the guest experience




Hotels & Resorts Limited
Rockley, Christ Church


Tel: (246) 435-8916

Blue Horizon hotel:
Tel: (246) 435-8916