Needhams Point Development Incorporated

Needham’s Point Development Inc. Needham’s was incorporated on 22nd August, 1996 under the Companies Act of Barbados to develop the 9.28 acres of land on the Needham’s Peninsula. The company is wholly owned by the Government of Barbados.

Vision Statement

To realize the true economic potential of Needham’s Point as a premier hospitality venue for the benefit of all Barbadians.

Mission Statement

To transform the Needham’s Point Peninsula into a world class tourism development so as to enhance the room inventory of South coast hotels in Barbados.


NPDI has been mandated by Cabinet to develop the property at Needham’s Point, St. Michael as a touristic area. The Master Plan advocates that in addition to the Hilton Hotel, the following development opportunities exist for the area:

  1. A Branded upscale Hotel SITE A
  2. A Branded Upscale Hotel SITE B
  3. Health Club/Spa and Tennis Courts