Caves of Barbados Ltd.


Harrison’s Cave, Barbados’ most popular land-based visitor attraction, is a natural karst limestone formation featuring a series of subterranean passages, with a gallery of stalactites, stalagmites, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. This unique phenomenon of nature is the only commercialized subterranean cave in Barbados and has the distinction of being one of three (3) drive-in caves in the world.

On 19 March 1999, Caves of Barbados Ltd. (CBL) a private limited liability company, was incorporated under the (Barbados) Companies Act, Cap 308, and assumed ownership and operating responsibility for Harrison’s Cave. Following the enactment of the Caves Act 2000-12 which provided for the company’s control and management of caves in Barbados, CBL took over full management responsibility in September 2000.

Harrison’s Cave is a multi-faceted facility, offering a unique experience, which leaves a positive, lasting impression in the minds of all who take any of our exciting tours. The Cave’s products range from guided tours to hosting of various types of events. The tours which cater to families, as well as the adventurous, are:

  • The Signature Tram Tour
  • The Eco-adventure Tour
  • The Walk-in Tour and
  • The Gully Hike.

Additionally, the well-manicured grounds present the perfect setting for a myriad of events, from weddings to parties, and anything in-between.


To be the premier eco-experience in the world.


We will promote and sustainably develop the National Cave of Barbados within a high-quality service culture for the benefit of our patrons, employees and other stakeholders, while contributing to the economic and social well-being of the people of Barbados.


  1. a) To manage the operation of the Cave to attain a reasonable return on investment.
  2. b) To provide a high-quality visitor experience through innovative approaches to the cave experience as well as through educational and interpretative offerings.
  3. c) To integrate the operation of the Cave into the surrounding communities by dealing quickly, effectively and fairly with community concerns and by ensuring that local residents are given the opportunity to benefit financially from the operation of the Cave.
  4. d) To develop and maintain a system to monitor and manage visitor flows and the uses of the Cave and surrounding gullies.