Needham’s Point Holdings Ltd.

Needham’s Point Holdings Ltd (NPHL) was incorporated on 13 January, 1999 to redevelop the old Hilton site. A new 350 room 4½ star property was reopened in June, 2005.

NPHL oversees the Management Agreement with Hilton International to manage the Hotel on behalf of its shareholders the Government of Barbados, Needham’s Point Development Inc, National Insurance Board and the Caribbean Development Bank.

Vision Statement

To provide a world-class hotel property that maintains its asset value for its shareholders.

Mission Statement

To ensure that Hilton Barbados remains one of Barbados’ leading hotels offering excellent service to the leisure and business market. 


To safeguard the shareholders’ investment by monitoring the management and profitability of the hotel.

To ensure that the hotel keeps up with the latest hospitality standards to make the property desirable to all guests and customers.

To provide sound property maintenance oversight.